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    you know you can be anti-mass immigration and traditionalist WITHOUT drooling after hitler and the third reich 

    Yeah but its more fun!

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    Did Israel’s Mossad Do 9/11?

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  5. Anonymous said: I think you're full of shit and consumed by the media that you can not even live truthfully in many ways.



    Yes, the media!!! I love watching the Kim Kardashian show, Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan. I love taking selfies of my Starbucks. I love going on Grindr/Jack’D and casually ignoring people on there. It’s like I watch the VMA’s and Grammy awards each year. I almost cried when Joann Rivers died, but totally ignored the Russian forces in Ukraine and the situation it puts the NATO alliances and EU bans on Russia. In a way, I think she deserved it, karma’s a bitch. She was pro-Israel and wished the deaths of all Palestinians. In just the first few weeks during the conflict in Palestine and Israel, 500 children & women were killed already.

    It’s like to me, that Hunger Games girl’s nude was just a huge scandal!!! And over 3,500 Palestinian civilian lives were lost by that time!

    But let’s not forget Pumpkin Chai at Starbucks came early!!! Did you know the CIA trained and armed the Taliban? Alongside multiple people in S.E Asia during the Vietnam War? Not only that, villagers only grow coffee beans for just about 1$ and work slave wages to feed everyone 6$ coffees! So I tend not to support anything from Starbucks. Before coffee beans? It was opium! The Europeans introduced opium cultivation in South and Southeast Asia as a cash crop, very much like coffee. Another fun fact: Marijuana was introduced to South America by the Europeans too! Drug trades for everyone!!!

    Beyonce’s birthday was yesterday. And in 1975 in August, the capital city of Laos falls to the Communist, 4 months after the fall of Saigon.

    Kim Kardashian supported the democratic changes in Burma and made a video spreading awareness on the leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.

    Obama wore like a bright/yellowish suit, which in my honest opinion, doesn’t look too good on him. Did you know that the Ferguson police had more gears than the soldiers during the invasion of Iraq! Not only that, old military weapons are sold back as Police Riot gear. Things like grenades, tear gas, etc. etc. have a 1 year expiration date, so the police better start using them now, before they expire and throw them out.

    Also, on Sept. 1st, 2014, China passed a law, saying that all Chinese media in the Guangdong province, the largest Cantonese speaking province in China, must switch over to Mandarin, which caused a huge outcry, because now it questions the sovereignty of Hong Kong’s independence as its own culture, language and identity.

    And I didn’t do the ice bucket challenge! How can I live truthfully with myself, knowing I got tagged by a friend for the challenge, when there’s a huge drought in Southern provinces in China, California and Texas? Nestle made an announcement saying that “Water should be privatized” and that water should not be free to the people of Africa. If they want clean water, they have to pay for it. (But with what money?)

    I apologized that I can’t live truthfully like you. I just can’t drink Starbucks knowing what happened to them. I can’t go to the mall, knowing the working conditions in Bangladesh. I can’t watch Fox T.V anymore, without them constantly blaming gays, women, muslims, blacks and immigrants for ruining America. It’s like I can’t live truthfully and for walking the street, and seeing a black man arrested for sitting on a public bench and not saying anything. I’m sorry for not living truthfully. Maybe it was better to be ignorant and happy, than to be knowledgeable and unhappy.

    But anyways, I’m pretty consumed with not only American media, but the international media! Even North Korean & Cuban media! Thanks Radio Internationalé! :D

    But if I was less consumed with the media, I’d probably be like you. Angry, ignorant, spiteful and pitiful and be consumed by the words of the rumors and gossip, because that’s so much better to talk about Angelina Jolie’s wedding, than her statement on Syria and the Middle-East. Small minds talk about people. Big minds talk about ideas.

    Go fuck yourself.



  6. Did Israel’s Mossad Do 9/11?

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    Today a woman came in to get her 13 year old son’s black iPhone fixed. This thing was totally fucking busted. She was already kind of being bitchy so I’m just trying to reassure her that everything will be fine and shuffle through the paper work so shes on her way. She leaves, I put her phone away till I have time to fix it.

    Well come to find out that we were completely out of black screens until next week’s shipment. So I put on a white screen for now and reassure her that when we do get black screens in that I will call her and we’ll put the new screen on for free. Better to have a temporary mixed match phone then a broken one right?

    This woman proceeds to flip her shit. “WE CAME HERE TO GET WHAT WE HAD FIXED!” I calmly explain to her that there is nothing I can do about the color for the time being. The son is totally fine with this and obviously embarrassed by his mother’s outburst. The woman snatches the phone, sneers at it, and then shoves it back into my hands and says “NOW IT LOOKS LIKE A GIRL’S PHONE! I AM NOT GIVING THIS TO MY SON!”

    At this moment I turn to her and say. “I don’t undersand? How is it a girl’s phone now?”

    "Well it was BLACK and now its WHITE!!" She gestured dramatically at the screen like I couldn’t fucking see it.

    "How is white a feminine color?"

    She huffs and explains that she refuses to take the phone until the color is changed. The 13 is now rapid fire “its fine its fine” cause he just wants his phone back. But she keeps refusing but I finally tell her again that we will change the phone for free when we get black screens and that shes not allowed to keep it here.

    The point of the matter is that this woman almost refused to even take back the phone BECAUSE OF ITS COLOR. Mind you its not even anything like pink or purple. ITS. WHITE.


    And the son is more mature than her.

    Geez tell me about it

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    Jari Di Benedetto is a young italian artist and illustrator based in Turin.

    His interest is in various artistic fields, from illustration on paper to digital and then advancing in creating paintings in mixed media painting.

    More here →

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    Standing Buddha

    3rd-4th Century AD

    Pakistan (Gandhara)

    (Source: The Metropolitan Museum)

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    thats right.. when i say no, you better pull me back and fuck me even harder

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    "Teach men not to rape"
    Shut the fuck up.
    Shut every fucking part of your face noise can come out of.
    Stop fucking talking.
    Do not talk.
    Stop speaking.
    Stop implying men are the only fucking people who rape.
    Stop implying rapists don’t know that what they’re doing is wrong.
    Stop blaming men for what fucking rapists do.


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  15. lioncuuub said: Why oh why are you following me? Please unfollow and refrain from reblogging pictures and adding that nonsense, thank you.



    What nonsense? Its only nonsense because you don’t care to make the effort to understand my point of view. You are looking for truth in the wrong places. You are a victim of FEMinism, a dangerous hate movement. Maybe you just need time to find that out.

    Oh I’m a victim? how flattering.
    Keep up the good work.

    If you don’t want people to follow your blog then maybe you shouldn’t have one?

    Feminism is not what it seems. You have to learn to truly think for yourself before you can develop the critical thinking skills needed to see it for what it is. Its no coincidence that a lot of girls get into feminism when they go to college as the government benefits from feminism in many ways…..taxes being one.